Recreating Your Favorite Leggings


Today I wanted to share a quick post on how to recreate your favorite leggings. My daughter has a pair of store bought leggings that I absolutely love the fit and style, but they never match anything!

I decided to make her a pair just like them out of some awesome stretch denim I had from Mily Mae Fabrics.

So here’s a couple quick tips on DIY leggings.

The first thing you want to do is fold your store bought pair in half, making one straight edge as pictured to lay on the fold of your fabric.

Leggings on Fold

Now cut out around your leggings, allowing for seam allowance. I used 1/4″ seam allowance down the leg, 1/2″ for hemming the bottoms, and 1″ along the top to allow for my elastic. Cut TWO of these on the fold.

Sew down the seams to the point

Next lay your pieces right sides together and sew the crotch seams (AS PICTURED.) I had already cut my rise (the next step)before taking the pictures, but it helps show another angle or option for cutting your front rise. ūüôā )

IMG_6405 (1)
Front and Back Rise

Next you want to recreate the same rise your store bought pants have. I cut one half and then folded it over to make sure I copied my cut exactly on the other side.

Now serge (or use a stretch stitch) all the way from one pant leg, around the crotch, and down the other leg. Turn right side out.

After that, I serged 3/4 ” elastic all the way around. Stretch your elastic as you go to fit the width of your pants. I measured my RTW pants, but you can also measure the waist of your model.


Fold your elastic down into your pants and top stitch being careful to catch your elastic in your stitch and stretch again as you go.

Top stitch using a twin needle or stretch stitch.

Next fold your pants legs up a 1/2″ and hem. Last, but DEFINITELY not least, I printed out vinyl hearts to recreate the whole look and applied them. LOVE how they turned out!!


I finished out the outfit with the Going Home Raglan from Ellie and Mac for my daughter’s top. This adorable purple chevron was also from Mily Mae Fabrics! ‚̧


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Indigo Stretch Denim by Mily Mae

Purple Chevron by Mily Mae


Going Home Sweater by Ellie and Mac



Adding tights to the Mama-made list

My daughter is super picky about tights. It’s like she can’t function if something is just the wrong way. This fall I even bought her some adorable glittery tights, but the glitter strands were too, “Scratchy,” so they just sit in her drawer.

I was super excited to try making her a pair of tights, even though at first it just seemed way out of my comfort zone. Sewing a dress is one thing. I’m not sure why adding the accessories to the outfit sounded so intimidating.

I decided to try out the Abby’s footed tights pattern from¬†The Wolf and the Tree. I only recently heard of this pattern company, and had sewn both the Ladies ballet skirt and the Abby’s ballerina skirt and loved BOTH of the patterns! (They are both packed FULL of options!)IMG_2898

Juliet Leotard by Petite Stitchery and Co¬†paired with¬†Abby’s Ballerina Skirt

I really like the method that The Wolf and the Tree uses for lining up your pattern pages. I’m a big fan of bright colors, and I think the smaller symbols make it easier to line up just right!


The pattern was easy to follow and pretty quick to put together…even on top of some not-so-needed help¬†from my two-year old.¬† She was kind enough to place some pins throughout my pattern piece.IMG_3406

I chose the elastic waistband version, so I only needed to cut out two pieces. (My kind of quick sew.) I’m also excited to try out the yoga waistband version.¬† I was very impressed with how nicely it went together.

I ended up using some burnout fabric that I had purchased from¬†Girl Charlee Fabrics¬†for an awesome deal of $.50/yard during the Black Friday sales! When it came, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. I think I’ll still make some cardigans, but it ended up being awesome for these tights!¬†IMG_3412.jpg

Now we are all set for Easter tights, and it is one less thing I have to go out and try and find in 3 different sized, matching pairs! I’m pretty excited!


What do you think about these burnout tights? I’d love to hear. I’m already looking through my stash picking out some awesome prints to turn into more tights for my girlies!

You can find this tights pattern through my affiliated link here:¬†Abby’s Footed Tights.


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